Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Voice of Vietnamese Americans Congratulates President Obama and All Americans for a Great Victory!


Voice of Vietnamese Americans congratulates all American Voters who have made 2012 Elections an extraordinary experience in history. Never before, the voices of "We, the People", have challenged candidates to their deepest core values, have urged the most extremists to gravitate to the center polls of issues, and have reconciled differences from a two distinct paths for American future into one strong focus on the real US national interests based on its people.

Voice of Vietnamese Americans congratulates the re- elected President of the United States of America: BARACK OBAMA,

Voice of Vietnamese Americans thanks President Obama, the First Lady Michelle Obama, and the First Family. You have been the first to fight for Americans, and Americans have made our voice heard: We have been there with you all the way!

Congratulations and Best Wishes,

God Bless America!


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