Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Presidential Debate 2012 (Complete) Romney vs.Obama - 10/3/2012 - Elections 2012

Voice of Vietnamese Americans congratulates both Presidential Candidates for a great debate, with every issue gravitating to the welfare of the people. It was quite a surprise to listen to a new platform came from Governor Romney today. Once again, Governor Romney has shown that he has the special ability to change campaign script accordingly to the audience 's taste. From the platfrom of a far right when running in the primary, choosing Paul Ryan as running mate to win over the GOP, to now speaking exactly the lines of President Obama to win over the middle class.

Voice of Vietnamese Americans applauds "We the People" concept of the US Constitution. Our founding father had truly projected a very wise long term vision for the United States of America!

May God bless this land of the brave, who has the courage to stay true to himself and to the American values.

God bless America!

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