Sunday, July 15, 2012

VVA Urges Young Vietnamese Americans to Participate in VAYLC 2012


Voice of Vietnamese Americans congratulates the young Vietnamese American Leaders who have worked very hard during the last many months to  plan for the coming Vietnamese American Youth Leadership Conference this July 20, 21, and 22, at George Mason University Law School, Arlington, Virginia.  More information can be found in

Annually, Voice of Vietnamese Americans offers scholarships for young Vietnamese Americans to participate in this program. VVA members and former VVA Scholarship Recipients like Binh Ly, Cindy Dinh, Velginy Hernandez, have now taken the leadership roles in the Vietnamese American Community. Vel and Binh are members of the planning committee of VAYLC 2012.

This year, Vel is collaborating with APIAvote to streamline the Presidential Town Hall, featuring Presidential Candidates addressing issues that impact the Asian American and Pacific Islander Community.

APIAVote Presidential Town Hall Featuring Democratic and Republican Presidental Candidates (Invited)

Binh Ly champions the idea of  "Adding a Foreign Policy Piece to VAYLC", with the following suggestions: "What can Vietnamese-Americans do? Grass root exchanges are bringing change on the ground and how can the Vietnamese-American influence/help this process?"

VAYLC 2012 has taken off to a new phase, with many exciting ideas.

Way to go, young Vietnamese American Leaders!

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