Thursday, June 21, 2012

VVA Joins Students Nationwide to Ask Congress: Make Higher Education Affordable

Students at Maryland University raised voice to ask Congress to make Higher Education Affordable. If Congress donot act soon, by July 1st, the rate on Stanford Loan of millions of students would double, from 3.8% to 7.6%. This means heavy debts on students who are trying hard to make it during this crisis. Besides high tuition, budget cut, high interest rates on student loans would make education very unaffordable. Education should be recognized as the best asset to build a competitive, strong, and long lasting economy. Young generation should be regarded as the most valuable capital our nation can invest in to keep America at the top. Do NOT double student loan interest rates!

You can send messages to Congress by using the following links: Petition:

Voice of Vietnamese Americans stands in solidarity with all students and parents to ask Congress: Please make higher education affordable to all students. That should be the first and foremost concern of all policy makers.


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