Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Voice of Vietnamese Americans Shares Virginians’ Concern on Voter Suppression Bill

Press Statement: February 28, 2012
Contact: Vel Hernandez (703) 362-7873

Voice of Vietnamese Americans Shares Virginians’ Concern on Voter Suppression Bill
“Lt. Gov. Bolling has served Virginians very badly
 by his tie-breaking vote to pass the voter ID bill”

Fairfax, Virginia – Voice of Vietnamese Americans (VVA) shares Virginians’ disappointment with Lieutenant Governor’s Bill Bolling’s tie-breaking vote on February 27 to pass the voter ID bill in the Senate
Lt. Gov. Bolling has served Virginians very badly by his vote to break the 20/20 tie in the Senate to pass SB 1, the bill that could ultimately suppress the votes of minorities, the elderly, disabled and students.   

Voice of Vietnamese Americans, a Fairfax-based group that promotes civic engagement, has contacted thousands of voters in Fairfax County about this issue, and a majority of voters whom we have talked to have voiced their opinions in opposition to baseless voter suppression bills, such as the one passed yesterday.
VVA is urging Governor Bob McDonnell to veto the bill.

Proponents, including Lt. Gov. Bolling, of these voter suppression bills claim that they are addressing a problem of voter fraud in Virginia. But they have provided no evidence of it being an issue at all in our state. These bills are baseless, because they claim to be solutions to problems that do not exist in Virginia. Not only are these bills groundless, they also cost millions to maintain. It makes no sense to waste our money on things Virginia does not need.

VVA has received many hand-written post cards ready to be sent to Governor Bob McDonnell, signed personally by Fairfax County voters, with some saying, ‘Voting is a right not to be tampered with’ and ‘Please do not make it harder to vote. That is the wrong direction for Virginia.’ And we agree.

A growing number of fellow Virginians believe this would be the wrong direction for our commonwealth. Save our democracy. Do not make voting harder in Virginia. Veto the bill.


The mission of Voice of Vietnamese Americans is to empower Americans by promoting civic engagement through community organizing and capacity building. Voice of Vietnamese Americans enhances, defends, and protects the American core values of human rights, civil rights, democracy, liberty, and justice for all.

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