Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Obama Administration Has Illuminated Stellar Leadership in an Austere Environment



President Obama released his $3.8 Trillion 2013 budget proposal on Monday, Februrary 13. White House Acting Budget Director Jeffrey Zients and other Obama Administration economic and domestic policy advisers held a briefing to outline the details.

This plan includes $4 trillion in deficit cuts projected over decade. The blue print also aims to lower it to about $901 billion for 2013 with proposed tax increases on upper income Americans.

The President travels to Annandale, Virginia, Monday and unveiled his budget plan at Northern Virginia Community College’s Annandale campus. He also released more details about the college affordability plan, part of the 2013 Budget Request.

House Republicans are likely to present their competing version of the budget request later this month.

The budget request serves as a baseline for budget negotiations in the coming months.

The President's Budget for Fiscal Year 2013

After President Obama signed and released the Budget for Fiscal Year 2013, Secretaries of the Obama Administration have been testifying before Congress to justify the budget proposed for their department.

Testimonies for Budget Requested

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton testified on Feb 28/ 29 and commanded tremendous respect from all members of Congress. Energy Secretary Chu testified on Feb 28 (his birthday and wedding anniversary) for a "painfully thin budget" while taking on many important energy renewal projects. Dr. Chu also commanded overwhelmingly respect and appreciation. The Obama Administration illuminates exemplary leadership in an austere environment.

Genie Nguyen of VVA attended this hearing. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton received tremendous respect and praises by all members of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee. There was significant concern of inadequate funding to support the US global leadership role. Sec Clinton has illustrated her leadership in an austere environment and skillful stewardship over many challenges.

Source: CSPAN.
Washington, DC
Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Energy Secretary Stephen Chu testified before the House Appropriations Committee about his department's $27.2 billion budget request Tuesday afternoon. This is a 3.2 percent increase over the department's enacted 2012 budget.

The request includes increases in funding for clean energy, research and development and advanced manufacturing. The $5 billion request for funding for the Office of Science is a more than 2 percent, or $118 million, increase over 2012 and promo continued U.S. leadership in basic research.

Despite the overall increase, the budget cuts $4 billion annually by eliminating inefficient and outdated fuel subsidies. Additionally, the request focuses on fully utilizing existing facilities and infrastructure.

Voice of Vietnamese Americans honors and deeply appreciates the service of Energy Secretary Stephen Chu, an Asian American leader in the austere environment. Dr. Chu testified for a "painfully thin budget" on his birthday and his wedding anniversary. Happy Birthday, and Happy Anniversary, Dr. Chu. Energy has been the main focus for the US during this challenging time.

Voice of Vietnamese Americans deeply appreciates the long-term vision and stellar leadership or President Obama and the Obama Administration.


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