Friday, December 23, 2011

Voice of Vietnamese Americans Congratulates "We the People" in Ushering in the Bi-Partisanship Agreements of the US Congress


December 23, 2011

Washington, D.C: Voice of Vietnamese Americans congratulates the people of the United States for raising our voice in the passing of the Social Security Payroll Tax Cut Extension, leading to the final bipartisan agreement of Congress to pass the Bill. We the People have fully taken the burden placed upon us by the Constitution of the United States, and our engagement has put the nation in a much better path forward.

On December 22, 2011, more than 30,000 Americans have voiced their concerns about the Social Security Payroll Tax Cut Bill - HR 3630 - after being passed with 89/10 in the Senate, was being held up by the GOP in the House on 12/ 20 and a blocking of vote on December 21. The devastating results would have caused 160 million average income Americans to suffer tax increase of at least $1000/ yr by January, 2 million unemployed Americans may not have food on the table, and 48 million seniors dependent on Medicare may not get adequate health care assistance. The overwhelming voice of the American people was accentuated by President Obama in a Press Conference at the White House on December 22.

In the afternoon of December 22, Leader of the Senate - Senator Harry Reid (D- NV) and Leader of the House - Representative John Boehner (R-OH) have reached a bi-partisan agreement to pass the bill. Hundreds of millions of Americans would now have the assurance that our paychecks not being reduced, our families are cared for while we continue looking for jobs, and our seniors can still receive adequate health care .

We thank the leadership of President Obama, of our U.S Senators, and of our U.S. Congressmen. We thank our leaders for their consideration of our role - We the People - as defined in the Constitution of the United States. We urge both parties of both the House and the Senate to keep this bi-partisanship in all future discussion, to ensure the best outcomes for the people of the United States.

As the world is looking up to American values to worship and to follow, more than ever, we the People of the United States are proud to serve and to be engaged.

May God Bless America

Happy Holidays!


The mission of Voice of Vietnamese Americans is to empower Vietnamese Americans by promoting civic engagement through community organizing and capacity building. Voice of Vietnamese Americans enhances, defends, and protects the American core values of human rights, civil rights, democracy, liberty, and justice for all.


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